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Tourism in Kishangarh

The charm of this enticing city lies in exemplary Mughal and Rajput style of architecture.  Forts and temples in Kishangarh are a sculptural wonder. With an enriching culture and fascinating architecture, the city will leave you with a spectacularly indelible experience!

Places of Tourist Interest in Kishangarh

Following are few soul-stirring attractions of Kishangarh that will make you fall in love with the city even more!

Kishangarh Fort

Kishangarh fort is a Mughal and Rajput styles of architectural masterpiece. The fort was built by Maharaja Roop Singh in 1649 and is popularly known as Roopangarh fort, after the name of its ruler. Kishangarh fort is situated at about 27kms away from the Ajmer Main City. The fort presents an exquisite display of the grandeur of both the solemn styles of architecture. The nine turreted fortifications of fort encompass within it numerous granaries, battlements, armories, foundries and jails. The intricate cravings that adorn the walls and ceilings augment the beauty of the architecture and make it one of the biggest architectural marvels of Ajmer.

The fort is enveloped by a deep moated wall which makes it one of the most formidable forts of Rajasthan. In fact, Kishangarh fort is one of the very few unconquered forts in the Rajput history. The Kishangarh fort has played a significant role in promoting art, music, architecture and poetry and enriching the culture of Rajasthan. There is a magnificent lake abutting the walls of the fort with a large number of rare birds thronging over the lake and their sweet chirping soothing the ears. It develops into a picturesque landscape with an invigorating ambiance. The Kishangarh fort attracts thousands of tourists every year from all over the world.

Kishangarh Fort

Phool Mahal Palace

Phool Mahal Palace, built in 1870, is another architectural marvel located within the boundaries of the Kishangarh Fort. It is situated at the centre of the city and is also known as Flower Palace. It served as a royal palace for the Rathore Maharajas. It presents an impeccable example of the opulence and splendour of the lifestyle of Rathore Rajputs. The royal palace has now been converted into a heritage hotel for tourists. The hotel is very well equipped with all modern day amenities and facilities. The guests can avail different facilities like library, jogging tracks, laundry service, and many more at this boutique hotel.

The tourists can also savour diversity of delicious cuisines such as Indian, western and Chinese; and can also relish Rajasthani music, dance and art being frequently performed at the hotel. The guests can avail the opportunity of learning yoga with the help of yoga classes held at the hotel and rejuvenate themselves. The interiors of the hotel are embellished with beautiful paintings and the ancient royal and British furniture.  The walls of the palace are covered with ravishing murals and magnificent frescoes. The beautiful courtyard and dazzling fountains will fill your heart with utter delight. You can here feel the breath of fresh air and immerse yourself in the breathing view of the surroundings. The lovely paintings and gardens bring sheer ecstasy. The fort also displays some incredible miniature paintings of the 18th century. The roof of the fort gives panoramic view of the Kishangarh town. Dive into the mesmerizing beauty and sculptural wonders of the Phool Mahal Palace and Kishangarh Fort!

Phool Mahal Palace

Navagraha Temple

At the heart of the town, is located a Navagraha Temple- a temple for all nine planets. It is said that it is the only such place for temple dedicated to nine planets in the whole world.

Khoda Ganesh Ji Temple

Located 15 Km from Kishangarh in Ajmer District, Khoda Ganesh Ji Temple is a temple dedicated to Lord Ganapati. It is one of the very ancient temples in the town. It was constructed by the Kishangarh royal family around 250 years ago and is considered to be a very holy place in the town. Newly married couples are often seen visiting this temple to seek Lord Ganesha’s blessings. The temple attracts large number of local people on Wednesdays as it is considered to be the Lord Ganesha’s day.

Barefoot College, Tilonia

Barefoot College, popularly known as Social Work and Research Centre (SWRC) is a non-governmental voluntary organisation (NGO). It is situated in a small village near Kishangarh on Kishangarh-Jaipur Highway named Tilonia. The organisation mainly deals in issues of sustainability and empowerment. Its core working areas include skill development, education, health, women empowerment, drinking water and electrification through solar power for the upliftment of the rural people. It was founded by the renowned social worker Bunker Roy in 1972 and is registered under the name of ‘Friends of Tilonia Inc’. Since its inception, the village has become a model for all nearby villages to boost social and economic development of the rural areas.

Barefoot College, Tilonia

Pitamber ki Gaal

Pitamber ki Gaal is a historical place in Silora, near Kishangarh. It is about 250 years old and holds historical significance. One of the most beautiful places in Kishangarh marble city, it gives a very serene and green landscape view. It attracts multitude of tourists every year.

Gondulav Lake

Gondulav Lake was once used for drinking water as well as for recreational activities under the support of the princely state of Kishangarh. This has now become a site for wastewater disposal and facing a critical threat for its sustenance. The deterioration of water quality and eutrophication are assuming alarming proportions and the causes for such deterioration can be attributed to the negligence and casual attitude of the people concerned, with the gradual development of the urban population.

Gondulav Lake


Situated at the banks of the Gondulav Lake, Sukhsagar is a very serene and tranquil place in Kishangarh. Many people visit this place to experience the quietude, taking a refuge from the everyday hustle bustle of life.


Delicacies of Kishangarh


Other than the charming architectural ambience to be explored in Kishangarh, the Marble City also offers a plethora of mouth-watering Rajasthani dishes and diversity of cuisines to savour our taste buds. The streets of Kishangarh are the gateway to the scrumptious local Rajasthani delicacies such kachoris (pyaaz kachori, pyaaz kachori etc), samosas, dal bati churma, puri aloo and many more. Rajasthani dishes include spicy curries and fried vegetables. The food is made with lot of flavours of spice and fats and oil in it.

The tempting sweet dishes and desserts popular in the region include ghewar, churma, gujjia, imarti, jalebi, moong daal halwa, gulab jamun and the list is never-ending! The cuisines are not just restricted to Rajasthani food but variety of cuisines from different parts of the world such as Mughlai, Chinese, Arabic, Lebanese, Italian etc are also available in some restaurants and hotels. Depending on the budget also, there are numerous restaurants, hotels and eating joints present in Kishangarh.

On one hand, there are five star hotels such as the Phool Mahal Palace that provide palatable cuisines along with luxury and comfort; while on the other hand there are restaurants and roadside dhabas that generally cater to local delicacies. Of the many eating joints in Kishangarh; Love Kush Garden Restaurant, Paharia Sweets and Namkeens, Kumkum Garden Restaurant and the famous Kachori wala, are the few that are popular for their taste of food and service. 

Shopping in Kishangarh

Kishangarh is the place to be-for shopaholics who are fond of paintings, wooden artefacts, jewellery, dhurries and carpets, metal craft items, terracotta items, phads and pichwais, folk and miniature art paintings, blue pottery, marble handicraft and many such handicraft items. There are many famous handicraft shops such as Siddhi Sales, Kesari Nandan, RK Art and Craft, Tilak Handicrafts, Anmol Marble Handicrafts etc.

Raj Kamal Handicrafts is one of the most popular shops dealing in artefacts and customised handicrafts. Established in 1980, it is also one of the oldest handicraft shops in Kishangarh. The various products provided by Raj Kamal Handicrafts include handmade handicrafts, wooden and marble handicrafts and folk paintings of Bani Thani and like.

Blue Pottery

Places to Stay in Kishangarh

There is both, lavish as well as affordable accommodation available in Kishangarh. Every year a large number of tourists visit Kishangarh Fort and therefore, there are ample hotels in different categories to accommodate and house such large numbers. There are also good number of heritage hotels that offer luxurious comfort, remarkable services and enchanting view of the city. The splendid architectural structure and majestically royal interiors are some of the most beautiful things to look forward to, in these hotels. Following are the few most renowned heritage hotels in Kishangarh:

1589 The Royal Heritage: This is one of the grandest and most palatial hotels of Rajasthan. With exquisite carvings, royal architecture and premium quality services and hospitality; this hotel is worth staying in and experiencing the royal luxury.

Hotel Phool Mahal Palace: Hotel Phool Mahal is a classic blend of traditional and contemporary decor. Located in central Rajasthan, the hotel is surrounded by beautiful Gundalov Lake and gives a picturesque view of the entire city. Once a royal palace for Kishangarh Maharajas, the hotel now showers incessant luxury and amicable hospitality in its services and amenities to its guests. No doubt, it’s an architectural aesthetic.

Roopangarh Fort: Roopangarh Fort is an imperial monument converted into a resort at Roopangarh, Kishangarh. It caters a royal lifestyle to its guests with its charming exteriors and captivating rooms and facilities.

Other hotels that offer cheap accommodation in Kishangarh are Hotel Amar, Hotel Shrinath, Hotel Shubham, Hotel Galaxy, Hotel Siddharth, Sukhsagar Hotel Nad Restaurant etc.

How to reach Kishangarh

Roadways: Kishangarh is connected to almost all major towns of Rajasthan and other places outside of Rajasthan with a good network of roads. It is on the National Highway 8 and very well accessible by roadways.

The closest airport to Kishangarh is Sanganer Airport situated at Jaipur. It is located at a distance of 135 km from Kishangarh and can be accessed by chartering cabs and taxis.

Railways: Ajmer Railway Station, located at a distance of 27kms from Kishangarh is the nearest railway station to Kishangarh.

Best Time to Visit

Kishangarh should be visited between October and March. It is the best time to explore this wonderful place. Also, it is around these months that the most prominent festivals of Kishangarh are celebrated, like Holi in February/March, Diwali in October and Vinayak Chathurdhi in September. The city blooms with festivity.

During the months of summer (mainly from March to May), Kishangarh experiences tropical climate and the temperature varies between 27oC and 38oC. In winters, the temperature varies from 6oC to 23oC and it is cold in comparison to other parts of Rajasthan. During Monsoons, weather is humid and the city experiences non steady rainfall.

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